What Is A Stumpery?


Have you heard of people discussing stumperies? Ever wondered what is a stumpery? In this blog, I will unveil the mystique of the stumpery and share why this unique garden feature is an absolute must for every outdoor oasis.

A stumpery is more than a mere collection of old tree stumps – it’s a living testament to the harmonious relationship between nature’s decay and renewal. Picture a captivating arrangement of moss-covered logs, weathered stumps, and intricately placed rocks, nestled amidst your garden.

Why Every Garden Needs a Stumpery

Natural Elegance:
A stumpery lends an air of timeless elegance to your garden. It seamlessly marries the rustic charm of weathered wood with the lush greenery of your plants, creating a visual focal point to any garden.

Wildlife Sanctuary: A stumpery is a sanctuary for the creatures that call your garden home. Frogs, toads, and insects find refuge within the nooks and crannies of the stumps, helping you build a wildlife friendly garden. The stumpery can become a secret hideaway for critters seeking shelter and safety, fostering a thriving ecosystem right at your doorstep.

Sustainable Beauty: Embracing the stumpery ethos aligns perfectly with sustainable gardening practices. By repurposing natural materials and celebrating the beauty of decomposition and regeneration, you create a space embraces nature. The stumps and logs, once destined for the compost heap, find new purpose and continue to contribute to the vitality of your garden.

Stumpery From Arundel Castle

Artful Design: Design enthusiasts, take note – the stumpery is your playground of creativity. Each stump, log, and rock can be thoughtfully positioned to craft an artful masterpiece that reflects your unique vision. Whether you prefer a whimsical layout or a more structured arrangement, the stumpery invites you to be the artist in your garden’s ever-evolving gallery. I have a collection of logs that we used to decorate our wedding venue which I hope to create a stumpery in our garden. Visit my Instagram page to see more pictures of my creation.

Low-Maintenance: A stumpery offers the gift of minimal upkeep. As the stumps and logs slowly break down over time, they become a natural mulch that nourishes the surrounding plants. This self-sustaining cycle reduces the need for constant weeding and fertilising, allowing you to savour your garden without the constant demands of maintenance.

At The Planting Company, I believe that the stumpery isn’t just a garden feature – it’s a celebration of nature’s artistry, a haven for wildlife, and an embodiment of sustainable beauty. As you gaze upon the weathered stumps and mossy logs, you’ll uncover the hidden stories and secrets that intertwine the cycles of life and decay.

If you are considering re-designing your garden, then please get in touch to find out what support I can offer.

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