How To Keep Dahlias Blooming All Summer Long


Ah, the splendour of dahlias – those intricate and vibrant blooms that grace gardens with their undeniable allure. At The Planting Company, I’m passionate about dahlias and think every garden should have these beautiful plants in amongst a summer border.

In this blog, I unveil the secrets to keeping your dahlias blooming throughout the entire summer season.

Choosing The Perfect Dahlia Varieties

As you embark on your dahlia journey, selecting the right varieties is your first step toward achieving an extended season of blooms. With a kaleidoscope of shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from, take a moment to envision your garden’s palette. Opt for a mix of early, mid, and late-blooming varieties to ensure a continuous cascade of dahlia blossoms from the first rays of summer right through to late September.

Dahlia Wizard of Oz

Rich and Nourishing Soil

Dahlias can be nature’s divas, and a diva deserves nothing but the best. Ensure your dahlia beds are graced with rich, well-draining soil that’s been lovingly amended with compost. This nutrient-rich foundation not only fosters healthy growth but also provides the dahlia tubers with the sustenance they need to dazzle throughout the summer.

Planting Your Dahlias With Precision

The art of dahlia planting is a dance of precision and care. When the threat of frost has vanished and the sun’s embrace is tenderly warm, it’s time to introduce your dahlia tubers to their summer stage. Plant them about 15cm deep, ensuring each tuber is spaced at least 45cm to 60cm apart. This spacing, grants them ample room to spread their roots and unveil their full splendour. Top off the planting bed with a layer of mulch to keep moisture locked in and weeds at bay, nurturing an environment where your dahlias can thrive.

Frequent Fertilising

Feed your dahlias with a balanced, water-soluble fertiliser every few weeks, providing them with the nutrients needed to produce their enchanting blooms. Think of it as serving up a delectable feast for your plants so that they surprise you with their continued beauty throughout the summer.

Watering With Love

Keep a watchful eye on your dahlias’ hydration needs, while they adore moisture, they’re not fans of soggy soil. Water your dahlias deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between watering sessions. Approximately 15cm of water per week is the golden rule, but adjust based on your local weather conditions and your dahlias’ thirst.



Deadheading is the graceful act that ensures your dahlias continue their flowering long into the summer. Regularly remove spent blooms to redirect the plant’s energy towards new bud production. This simple act not only encourages a prolonged bloom season but also enhances the aesthetic charm of your garden, allowing it to shine in all its dahlia-studded glory.

In your garden, dahlias can emerge as the stars that illuminate your landscape with their breath-taking beauty. At The Planting Company, I believe that nurturing these plants to bloom all summer long takes love and devotion. By selecting the perfect varieties, crafting nutrient-rich soil, planting with precision, and tending to their needs with care, you can expect a breath-taking performance from your dahlias.

If you are considering re-designing your garden, then please get in touch to find out what support I can offer.

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