Planting design refers to the art and science of arranging plants in a specific space to create a visually appealing and functional landscape. It incorporates various elements such as colour, texture, form, scale, and seasonal interest to create a harmonious and balanced composition. It considers the characteristics of individual plants, including their growth habits, size, shape, foliage, flowers, and overall appearance. The design also takes into account factors like sunlight exposure, soil conditions, climate, and maintenance requirements.

With both the pre-designed border package and the border re-design package, planting is not included. I provide you with a planting scheme that is easy to follow when it comes to planting. However, if you feel you would prefer me to do this for you, then this can be arranged at an additional cost.

Each planting scheme in the pre-designed border package will come with a ‘how to care guide’ for the plants in your scheme detailing the level of care, feeding and watering the plant needs. The border re-design will also include a bespoke ‘how to care guide’ for the plants we decide to include in your new border.