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climbing rose

Winter Rose Care

Essential Tips to Maintain Your Roses Through Winter   As winter sets in, it’s crucial to take proactive steps to safeguard your beloved rose bushes from the harsh weather. With a little extra care and attention, you can ensure that your roses remain healthy and vibrant, ready to burst into bloom come spring. I’ve put […]
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Why I Love Hydrangeas

When you step into a garden adorned with the beautiful hydrangeas, you’re immediately transported to a realm of enchantment and wonder. At The Planting Company, the hydrangea reigns supreme mainly because of the many different kinds and the beautiful flowers they produce. Today, I’m going to discuss my love for these captivating blooms, explore the […]
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How To Keep Dahlias Blooming All Summer Long

Ah, the splendour of dahlias – those intricate and vibrant blooms that grace gardens with their undeniable allure. At The Planting Company, I’m passionate about dahlias and think every garden should have these beautiful plants in amongst a summer border. In this blog, I unveil the secrets to keeping your dahlias blooming throughout the entire […]
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What Is A Stumpery?

Have you heard of people discussing stumperies? Ever wondered what is a stumpery? In this blog, I will unveil the mystique of the stumpery and share why this unique garden feature is an absolute must for every outdoor oasis. A stumpery is more than a mere collection of old tree stumps – it’s a living […]
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peony pruning

Peony Pruning: A UK Gardener’s Guide

Ah, the elegance of peonies in your garden – those lush, bountiful blooms that add a touch of opulence and romance to your outdoor oasis. As passionate gardeners, we understand that nurturing these captivating flowers requires a delicate balance of care and patience. One crucial aspect of peony care is knowing when to cut them […]
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wildlife friendly

Make Your Small Garden Wildlife Friendly

In the heart of your garden lies a world of enchantment waiting to bloom. I believe that even the tiniest of spaces can be wildlife friendly. In today’s blog, I will explain how to make your compact garden a delightful sanctuary for wildlife. Planting with Purpose for Wildlife The journey to a wildlife-friendly garden begins […]
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how to grow mint in a pot

How To Grow Mint In A Pot

Ah, the aromatic allure of mint – a versatile and enchanting herb that has found its way into gardens, kitchens, and hearts across the UK. I’m here today to share my wisdom on how to grow mint in a pot without taking up acres of garden space. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding […]
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Sunflower and cosmos

Why Every Garden Should Grow Sunflowers

In the verdant tapestry of the UK’s gardens, one vibrant and captivating bloom stands out, spreading its golden glow and sparking joy in the hearts of all who behold it. I’m talking about the iconic sunflower, a true ray of sunshine that effortlessly captures the essence of summer and fills every corner of your outdoor […]
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planting design vs garden design

Planting Design vs. Garden Design

When it comes to creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, two terms often come into play: planting design vs garden design. While they are closely related, they encompass distinct aspects of the landscaping process. I will delve into the differences between planting design and garden design, exploring their unique focuses and how they work together […]
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planting design

Exploring the World of Planting Design

Exploring the World of Planting Design From vibrant flower beds that captivate our senses to carefully curated green spaces that soothe the soul, planting design is an art form that allows us to harness the beauty and diversity of nature. It is the thoughtful and deliberate arrangement of plants, where science and creativity converge to […]
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